Our team includes 15 graphic designers who provide creative support for the printing shop and are in charge of independent projects for international corporate customers. We have our own photo studio. Thanks to the 20 years of our experience we are not afraid to undertake large and difficult projects.


We produce packaging materials, taking care of the whole process, from design to forwarding finished files to the printing shop; or we can prepare the Customer’s design for printing.

POS materials

A wide range of products supporting sales: wobblers – movable advertisements attached to shelves; toppers – advertising elements placed above promotional stands; standing advertisements; labels, standees,

advertising and promotional materials

Brochures, catalogues, leaflets, posters, calendars

books and albums

Our Customers include publishing houses. At their request we take care of all the prepress stages (typographic design, typesetting, paging, cover design, scanning, photo processing, DTP), or we handle only selected operations, e.g. post-processing of photographs. Studio Kolor also operates as an independent publisher. So far we have printed books, photography albums as well as albums about arts which require top quality scanning.

instructions and forms

Typesetting and electronic editing of various forms and multilingual user’s guides. No language poses a problem to us.

infographics and Internet banners