Our field of expertise is visual communication, in particular digital large format printing and graphic design. We are proud of our qualifications, resources and experience which enable us to cope with even the largest and most complicated orders. We control all processes, from start to finish.

We have earned the trust of our customers again and again, the proof of which is in thousands of completed orders and more than 3.5 million sqm of print. The main rule by which we are governed in our contacts with business partners is to be of service because the quality of service we provide is as important to us as the quality of our products.


We offer a wide range of products including small traditional banners and meshes as well as large-size displays of up to 2,500 m2. This is possible thanks to our manufacturing capacities, in particular UV printers with the printing width of 5 m, as well as our large and well-equipped processing and finishing facilities.
In our warehouse we always store over 50,000 m2 of various materials so we can provide very prompt service. more >


Thanks to our UV Led printing technology we can manufacture products on any type of flexible or rigid materials as well as backlit displays requiring the highest quality. In addition to advertising materials we produce display systems, theatrical and film scenery and elements of interior design. more >


Digital sublimation printing on textiles is the part of our printing company which we are most proud of. Thanks to our manufacturing line based on Durst RhoTex and Kongsberg C64 and a well-equipped sewing room we provide state-of-the-art quality products in compliance with the strictest ecological standards. more >


Our team includes 15 graphic designers who provide creative support for the printing shop and are in charge of independent projects for international corporate customers.
Thanks to the 20 years of our experience we are not afraid to undertake large and difficult projects. more >

Backlit fabric Backlit fabric
Non Woven with Stitch Non Woven with Stitch
Carpet Carpet
Banner blackback Banner blackback
Tent Tent
One of the first installations of DURST P5Tex iSub printer in Europe.

Protection of the environment is extremely important to us. In our printing shop we use technologies free of volatile organic compounds. Our printing processes are based on UV technology and sublimation technology. We carefully sort all waste materials and monitor the disposal process.